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Post by [McN]The_QuakR on Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:02 pm

Please remember to follow these at all times while you are here, and this goes for registered users and guests.

1) RESPECT. That is our number one rule here. Treat others with the same level of respect that you would want them to show to you. Do not excessively flame someone, do not threaten anyone, do not lie to someone, and do not be a complete jackass. We want to have a clean and civil posting environment for everyone involved.

2) Do not post content involving anything illegal such as warez or other forms of copyright infringement, spam, frauds, threats of violence. No illegal content will be condoned here. The board ToS also prohibits pornographic material in any form, so please refrain from posting that as well.

3) If you have an issue with an administrator or moderator, please take it up with them privately. The Private Message system is very useful in situations like that.

4) Try to keep threads relevant to the forum that they are being posted. This helps keep the board nice and organized. For example, do not post a job-related question in the Quake III Arena board, the Chat board will suffice.

5) Users may have only one account at a time on here. If you need to start another account, be sure to have the old one deleted.

6) Remember that the mods and admins have the authority to take action if a post is out of line, and action can range anywhere from an edited post all the way up to a ban from the board, depending on the severity of an infraction.

Those are all the basics that I can think of for now. Situations may require us to come back and amend these rules later. Hopefully though we won't have to refer back here and everyone can enjoy being able to post here without any major problems.

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