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What is McNutty? Empty What is McNutty?

Post by [McN]The_QuakR on Fri Jan 28, 2011 8:41 am

The clan was started in March 2003 by KABOEM and Mosquito. In short order, numerous new members would join the team.

Most of the time, we either play in Epic or Excessive mod in Quake III Arena, or in Counter-Strike: Source. Our Q3 servers usually run Epic. We started out playing Excessive, but quickly included Epic soon after it was created. Epic was created as a fix for server-lag generated by spamming using specific weapons, namely the Rocket Launcher. At the time, Epic introduced the ability to disable certain weapons from the gameplay, preventing users from weapon spamming. Excessive mod was created by Mr. Pants, and Epic by TrickyNinja.

Our mission is very simple. We value enjoying the game we play above anything else, and we accept and welcome players of any skill level. Sure, it is cool to be good at the game and to win, but it's also good be courteous and respectful in defeat. It ties in to our number one rule of respecting other users.

Who are the leaders of McN? Well, as I said, Kaboem and Mosquito founded the clan. You might say we all lead the clan, you might say no one does. We do not recognize official leadership, as we believe every member is equally valuable to the family. This is why every member of the clan helps to moderate our board here, as well as moderate the servers with rcon.

I hope all of these points were clear. Look further in this forum to find clan rules, information on our servers, as well as our current list of active members. If you are interested in joining, please look in the Want to Join McN? forum for guidelines.

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