Things settling down again (i hope)

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Things settling down again (i hope) Empty Things settling down again (i hope)

Post by [McN]Vixon on Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:26 pm

hi guys hows things going last i was here was when i last had a bit of free time cause of having a new job and working all hours god send which i still doing now things should be quieting down a bit after xmas so once i have that out of the way i be looking at installing game again on my new laptop i got bout a week ago now things have been chaos and tiering when i get things sorted i still be busy but i have a little time to play now i getting used to my work schedual and now calls for me to come in on short notice are less due to staffing at right times until i get game installed i be about on forums *sigh* looking forward to being able to chill out a bit now job is getting settled

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