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Post by [McN]The_QuakR on Fri Jan 28, 2011 8:49 am

These rules apply to everyone playing on our server. Failure to observe them can result in warnings, kicks, or even bans if the infraction is severe enough.

1) Show respect. Again, I am placing this as the top rule to reinforce it. Don't come on and be all arrogant and downright rude to other users.

2) No chatfragging or lagfragging. When someone is trying to type, or they are experiencing a connection lag, they are powerless to defend. So, just wait until the chat/lag icon disappears.

3) Do not Rocket spam! If by some chance you come onto an McN server that has the Rocket Launcher enabled, it can generate huge lag for everyone in the session.

4) The Plasma Gun was also found to cause heavy lagging. Please refrain from Plasma spamming as well.

5) Cheating tools are forbidden. These include Aimbots, Wallhacks, etc. It is more honorable to play the game honestly and to lose than to win the game dishonestly.

6) Don't impersonate other users. That simple.

Please contact one of the administrators if you have any questions. Wink

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